Anaconda vom Leineholz
"Ana" arrived in Atlanta April 18, 2019.  
She was imported from Germany
We were very pleased to see this confident beauty as she
stepped on to American soil.
Beautiful and strong, we hope to see really nice pups from her
in the near future.

Welcome back
Sieg NK9 vom Norrishaus
We are very pleased to
see this happy, confident male back with us.
Preserving his "old lines" is something we had hoped for.
We were fortunate to be able to acquire him.
Beautiful, dark sable and mid-sized, we will see what his future holds.

Orka z Cagova Raje.
Orka arrived in Atlanta May 3, 2017.  
She was imported from the Czech Republic.
We were very pleased to see this happy, confident girl as she
exited her crate.
Beautiful and mid-sized, we hope to see really nice pups from her
in the near future.

Jabina Ester.
Ester is the daughter of Jabina Gitti,
sister to our Jabina Gundel and Jabina Galathea.
We are anxious to see pups from this beautiful girl.
Her pedigree and temperament are exceptional.
We are appreciative to Des Ryan (KY) for his willingness to
allow us this purchase and have Ester join
our other Jabina girls.

Congratulations to John Jabina and Jabina Zlatan!
Zlatan is son to our Jabina Galathea and Pike del Lupo Nero.
John Jabina and Zlatan
WUSV-Universalsieger 2016
Zlatan was also #44 at FCI  2016 in Slovenia and #15 at WUSV 2016 in Germany.

Check out Rosso Vikar!

Jamaika vom Mühlenknapp
Jamaika joined us June 02, 2015.
With a nice pedigree, beautiful look, and
excellent temperament, we expect good things
from this lady.

Iye zum Alten Hof
"Smoke" joined us November 16, 2014.
Sporting a super nice pedigree, she is young and
beautiful with a temperament to match.

Hanna von der Hagenmuhle
Hanna arrived October 17, 2014.
She is a young girl with a very nice pedigree.
She is confident and has the temperament we insist on.

Kumpel aus dem Fürstentum Lippe
Kumpel arrived March 05, 2014.
He is very confident, social, dark in color with a very nice temperament.
With several litters already in Europe, we look forward to
seeing his pups here.

Jabina Gundel.
Gundel arrived in Atlanta August 9, 2013.
She is a littermate to our Jabina Galathea.
We are pleased to have her join our canine family.
Gundel was bred to Pike del Lupo Nero in Germany.
**  Pups arrived August 22, 2013.

We were pleased
to meet John Jabina of Denmark
in Atlanta, GA on October 3, 2012  
where he delivered our newest female,
Jabina Galathea.
"Thea" was bred to Pike del Lupo Nero in Germany.
Their pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound and we look forward to Pike and "Thea's" pups.
Expected arrival around December 4, 2012.
** 4/2 born 12/1/12.