Located in
west central Alabama,
is owned by
George and Carol Norris.

We produce and sell
excellent working line
German Shepherd puppies.

Our puppies
have been
placed with families
as pets and protection,
with police departments as dual
purpose K9's, as service dogs,
with fire departments for search
and rescue,
on farms for herding,
as guard dogs,
in sport homes for

Our last
imported  male is super nice~
Kumpel aus dem Furstentum
He possesses an excellent
temperament, an affectionate
nature, very nice structure,
super pigment and a great

We also look at
and consider other
"outside" males who
complement our females.

Our males
produce pups with
temperaments, yet
possess drives and the desire to

Bollo von Skandinavika,
LGA and BSP has been our
primary stud, but is now retired.
His temperament is totally

We are very proud
of our puppies and their
accomplishments.  Our pups have
friendly, outgoing, HAPPY
We don't try to produce
that are mean or aggressive.
We strive to produce the
pup who is friendly, loyal and
will do what is needed
for his/her owner if the
occasion should arise.
We strive to produce
a well rounded pup that is
confident and strong enough
mentally to accept any challenge.

Our pups are good-solid
pups with sound nerves.

We are always looking
for quality bloodlines,
but always
specify temperament and
health being top priority.

We import some
of the very
best  blood lines from Europe
provide top puppies
for those individuals seeking
a pup of quality with excellent